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Analysis: The biggest price drops in July revealed

Jewellery was cheaper in JulyJewellery was cheaper in July

Wanting to see where the largest price changes were in July, PriceRunner's analysis found that carpets and rugs, remote controlled toys and PC games all increased in price the most. On the other end of the scale they tiles, jewellery and D/C Converters dropped in price the most, by almost a fifth, in July.

A lot of things are affecting our personal finances right now: high energy prices, record-high levels of inflation and the cost of living crisis. Looking at the more than 2.6 million products on their site, PriceRunner decided to find our where the biggest price increases have been during the past month.  

The biggest price increases in July could be found in categories such as carpets and rugs (49% increase), remote controlled toys (up by 32%), PC games (up 21%), wallpaper (up 20%) and ice cream makers (up 19%).  

A few popular tech categories also increased a lot during the month, such as Mac games (10% increase), 3D printers (up by 9%), laptop stands (up 9%), robot vacuum cleaners (up 8%) and Xbox games increased by 7%.

We have seen the effects of the cost of living crisis, shipping crisis and semiconductor shortage for a long time now, still affecting product prices and availability. Things might get worse before they get better, as it is predicted the semiconductor crisis could worsen during the autumn” said Christine Gouldthorp, Consumer Expert at PriceRunner.  

Christine Gouldthorp, Consumer Expert

The largest price increases on PriceRunner’s website during July could be found in the following product categories:

Biggest price increases July

* Comparing average category prices on July 1st to July 31st, 2022

July was a great month to invest in your home

If you needed a good bargain for your house, tiles were 21% cheaper in July, bricks and paving products 14% cheaper, bathtubs, kitchen units, insulation, doors, lighting and floors all decreased in price last month.

Not so hot this year were the summer sales, among men at least, as the category men’s clothing decreased in popularity by 16% in July. The average price in the category actually decreased by on average 5% in July, reflecting the fact that many items were reduced during the sale.

Women clearly got the better bargains during the summer sales,när  as the category women’s clothing decreased in price by 12% during July. It was also a great month to buy new jewellery as the category got on average 18% cheaper.

The best bargains in July were: 

The biggest price drops in July

* Comparing average category prices on July 1st to July 31st, 2022

The hottest categories in July

July was an unusually warm month, seeing temperatures soar above 40 degrees in many parts of the UK. PriceRunner data showed that Air treatment products surged in July, with an increase of 251% in popularity (number of clicks) when comparing the first day of July to the 31st the same month. Fans increased by 227%.   

It was also a month of summer fun and activities. Camping products increased in popularity by 32% in July, as more of us chose a staycation amid travel chaos and price hikes. We also protected ourselves from the sun, with sunglasses increasing in popularity by 11%, skincare products (where sun protection can be found) by 27%.

Another popular trend in July was outdoor home products, with categories such as outbuildings growing by 198%, and the garden and outdoor category (which includes patio & infrared heaters, fire puts, awnings and watering products) growing by 19%. The most popular product categories in July were:

The most popular products in July

**Comparing the number of clicks on a product on pricerunner.com out to a retailer website

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