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Black Friday 2020 facts

Black Friday 2020 PriceRunner

With Black Friday tomorrow, the years' biggest shopping season, customers are lining up online to grab the best bargains of the day. PriceRunner's research reveals the truth about Black Friday and if deals really are as good as they seem. Keep reading for our top tips and facts about Black Friday.

According to a survey PriceRunner commissioned by YouGov of 2,000 Brits in the UK, Black Friday is the most popular sales day of the year, beating both the Boxing Day Sales and Cyber Monday, as almost a fourth of the population (26%) of Brits plan to shop tomorrow. 

Are Black Friday deals as good as they seem?

Examining Black Friday prices in 2019, PriceRunner found that during the Black Friday sale 1 out of 5 products were on offer. Out of these, more than every fourth offer was a fake offer. 

According to PriceRunner's analysis, a fake offer occurs when a product sees a price increase by at least 10 percent in the period leading up to for example Black Friday, to then be reduced by 5 percent or more on the day. By doing so, retailers create the fake impression of a sale.

There are still a lot of great deals to grab on Black Friday, as PriceRunner's research showed 19% of all products for sale on Black Friday last year reached their absolute lowest price on the day, compared to six months before and after Black Friday. 

So should you shop on Black Friday?

Last year, the average discount was 14%, where the biggest bargains could be made on toys, laptops, lawn mowers and BBQ's. Christine Gouldthorp, Consumer Expert at PriceRunner, said: 

Lawnmowers are a seasonal product and a lot of models usually reach their lowest prices on Black Friday. Retailers want to get rid of old models as well as clear their total stock for the year. So, for those planning ahead, Black Friday is a great time to buy a new lawnmower

In the survey PriceRunner commissioned by YouGov they found that a majority of Brits will shop on Black Friday this year, or one out of four Brits.

This beats other larger shopping seasons as only 15% plan to shop on Cyber Monday and 16% during the Boxing Day sales. 

Black Friday - Brits going on a sale

What are the best bargains on Black Friday?

Taking a look at the best product categories from last year, the biggest savings could be made on product categories such as batteries & chargers, hot tubs, items for children's rooms, landline phones and projectors.  

The product categories with the most amount of savings last year were, to name a few, lawnmowers, laptops, garden power tools, tablets and BBQ's. 

Christine Gouldthorp, consumer expert at PriceRunner said:

“You can still make a good deal on Black Friday, as almost 4 out of 10 products had a lower price on Black Friday than during the prior six-month period. If you think you found a great deal on the Black Friday sale, just remember to compare the price first. It’s a very easy way to check whether or not it’s a good deal by comparing prices between retailers, checking price changes historically on a product, comparing delivery costs or setting a price alert to receive an email when a price drops.

For one simple overview of where to find all the best Black Friday deals, head over to our Black Friday page to get more out of your shopping tomorrow.

The survey was conducted by the YouGov analysis institute. A total of 2215 CAWI interviews took place of UK nationals aged 18+ during the period of 9-12 of October 2020.

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