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Brand zone: PriceRunner launches insights platform for brands

Brand Zone

Taking their data and insights to the next level, PriceRunner has developed a unique platform for brands listed with their services, allowing them to increase their sales through the unique platform Brand Zone.

PriceRunner, one of the UK’s largest price and product comparison services, today has more than 2.2 million products from 6 000 UK stores. Their services are used by millions of consumers every year.

Until recently, the site has primarily been consumer focused, enabling shoppers to find real time price information about the brands and products they are interested in, updated stock information, price history, product tests and reviews, amongst many other things.

PriceRunner is now turning the tables, giving brands access to data through the new Brand Zone, a data and insights portal for the brands listed on their site. The service is free for brands during the rest of the year.

This really is a game-changer for the thousands of brands that list their products on our site. With this new platform, brands can gain valuable insights about their own sales and market share, allowing them to gain a competitive advantage over the competition.” said Christine Gouldthorp, Consumer Expert at PriceRunner.

On a dashboard that is easy to use and navigate, brands can access unique data on how and where their products are selling, or perhaps are not. They can also view their stock status, how popular products are over time, see which retailers are selling the most and at what prices.

Brand Zone

How does Brand Zone work?

Brands logging into the portal will see just how many products and merchants they currently have listed in each market they are active in.

There is also the possibility to see which products are the most popular in each market in every respected category they are listed in, if their popularity rank has increased or decreased, how many of their offers are currently in stock and the proportion out of stock.

This data gives brands unique insights into which of their products are most popular and allows them to take a number of actions depending on the results. Popular products might be out of stock, can be boosted in digital advertising, etc. If used right, the possibilities with this platform are endless!”, said Christine Gouldthorp.

In the view “Market share”, brands can compare how much traffic they are currently receiving in each country and product category, benchmarking their results against their closest chosen competitors.

This data can also be retrieved back in time, which is particularly useful to assess if previous actions have taken effect or if any additional action needs to be taken. 

About PriceRunner

PriceRunner was founded in 1999 and is the UK’s largest comparison service with 2.2 million products from 6,000 retailers in 21 different countries, who all deliver to the UK. The company has 170 employees in Stockholm, Sweden and Nykøbing Falster, Denmark. Our services are used every month by consumers who can compare products, prices, specifications, read professional product tests and consumer reviews of products and retailers. PriceRunner is a completely independent company. We are not owned by any manufacturers and are not dependent on them, retailers or other organisations with an interest in providing biased information. Our goal is to help consumers find the right products to the best prices. Every month, we help consumers find better and cheaper products while saving money by using PriceRunner's services.

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