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International Women's Day: Categories where women are outgrowing men

Women outgrowing men Women are on the rise in tech

With International Women’s Day coming up, PriceRunner decided to find out in eaxtly which product categories women are outgrowing men as they had spotted quite a few over the past year.

PriceRunner took a closer look at categories over the past year, comparing 2021 to 2020, where the proportion of women had increased in relation to the proportion of men, i.e. how the ratio of women had grown in a selection of product categories.

Which product categories are increasingly popular with women?

When looking at the most popular categories of all, several have grown by over 100%, such as torches (572%), rugby products (155%), PC Games (111%) and table tennis (147%).

There are several other stand-out categories within tech such as 3D glasses, wearables, virtual reality products, smart home technology and robotic lawnmowers that have also grown during the comparison period.

The comparison data was gathered from Google Analytics, calculated from the number of male and females visiting each product category over the past two years (2021 compared to 2020).

The top 20 categories with most growth of women in relation to men are:

Product categories with most growth of all

Which tech categories have grown the most?

When looking at the most popular tech categories on PriceRunner, women are outgrowing men in several categories.

In categories such as PC Games, the ratio of women compared to men has grown by 111%. Other categories where the ratio of women has grown compared to men are 3D glasses, by 45%, and 3D printing with 29%, wearables by a fourth (26%) and smart home products by a fifth (22%).

The top 10 tech categories where the number of women have grown in proportion to the number of men are:

Tech categories popular with women

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