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Last date to order Christmas presents online

Last date for online ordersLast date for online orders

Not done with your Christmas shopping just yet? Don't worry. With just over a week until Christmas, there's still time to order plenty of gifts online. PriceRunner asked some of the UK’s most popular retailers for their final order deadlines before Christmas, discovering that there’s still time left for Santas little elves to deliver our gifts.

Right now, delivery times are a lot longer than usual and a lot of prices have gone up, partly because of the global supply chain issues, the UK driver shortage and global semiconductor crisis.

With so many parts of the supply chain disrupted this year, getting your hands on very specific Christmas presents will likely be quite hard right now, especially if you haven’t ordered or bought them already. However, our research shows that there’s still plenty of gifts left to buy online and time to get them, just don’t wait too long“, said Christine Gouldthorp, Consumer Expert at PriceRunner.

However, if you are a last-minute shopper and want to get the final gifts for your family and friends, make sure to do some quick research to see which retailers are still stocking the products you want and will deliver them in time for Christmas. 

PriceRunner picked out some of our most popular retailers, their delivery times and dates below: 

Christmas gifts 2021

In the analysis, the average final day to order Christmas is by the 21st of December, however PriceRunner recommends that you place your orders before then, ideally as soon as you know what you want to purchase.

I would recommend to get your hands on the gifts you want as soon as possible and order quickly, as both delivery times and queues at post offices will be especially long this Christmas. If you wait too long you might even find that your gifts are delivered later than promised, even after Christmas in some extreme cases.” said Christine Gouldthorp.

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Which gifts are hard to buy right now?

Taking a look at popular Christmas gift categories that are largely out of stock, PriceRunner shared a list of the gifts that might be more difficult to purchase before Christmas:

Gifts out of stock right now

There is absolutely no need to start panic buying. The main take away here is that some specific products might be harder to get for Christmas this year than others, but we're not seeing only empty shelves and there are plenty of gifts left to buy, just don't wait too long" said Christine Gouldthorp. 

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