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Shoes and clothes topped the list in February

Popular products in FebruaryKeeping up appearances in February

With a new year comes new habits. In February, shoes, fragrances and clothes topped the list as the most popular products in the UK. What was trending in February, which categories were the most popular, and why? PriceRunner reveals the latest trends.  

Once again, are top list of the most popular products is characterized by things we can wear. With Government rules relaxed, we shifted gears and started putting time and effort into our appearance again. 

The most popular product in February was for once not a tech-product, but instead a pair of white sneakers, perhaps to prepair that perfect fresh outfit for spring? The Nike Air Force 1'07 M came out on top in February and is still the most popular sneaker on PriceRunner's website.  

The top 20 most popular products on PriceRunner's website in February were: 

Popular products in February

Tech dropped off the top 5 

Looking at product categories as a whole in February, it's a similar story, with not a single tech category in the top 5 most popular products. 

Placing as the 6th most clicked product category, TV's were the most popular technology category in February, where the LG OLED55C1 was the most popular telly in the UK. Compared to a year ago, the LG OLED55C1 is about 35% cheaper in price, which might be one explanation for its popularity. 

The 20 most popular product categories in February were: 

Popular categories in February

Gaming, power tools and tech topped searches in February

Looking at what shoppers searched for on PriceRunner.com instead of the products they clicked on, we were able to find a few strong trends last month. These were mainly different ways to entertain ourselves and several types of popular consumer tech.

Even though the new game Elden Ring launched on February 25th in the UK, it made a big splash in the gaming world. It even placed in the list of top 20 most popular seraches in February, despite only being available to buy for a few days.  

We also saw early signs of spring, with power tool brands such as Dewalt and Milwaukee amongst some of the most popular searches last month. With hotter weather predicted in April, now really is the time to touch up your outdoor space in preparation for those lovely sunny days.

The most popular searches on PriceRunner in February were: 

Popular searches in February

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