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Bikes set to become product of the year

Biking in the city

As Brits are encouraged to get on their bike with plans to boost cycling, PriceRunner reveals searches are over 2,000 times higher than back in January.

Whilst cycling has been a hobby enjoyed by many for a number of years, lockdown has had a huge impact on its popularity. Initially seeking new ways to make the most of the allocated hour of exercise, Brits are now turning to cycling as a way to avoid public transport and keep up fitness levels whilst working from home.

The UK’s leading price comparison site, PriceRunner, has reported a huge spike in searches, both for bikes and electric bikes. Interest has doubled for both mountain bikes and electric bikes compared to the same time last year.

Using January as a baseline index, interest in bikes has grown significantly throughout the year, gaining speed in the peak of lockdown rising to 2000 times higher, rising to 2200 times higher in July.

Helped perhaps by the seasonally good weather, increase in people staying closer to home for short breaks and staycations, and inevitably the focus and plans from the UK government to boost greener, more active transport. According to PriceRunner data, bikes and electric bikes are set to be one, if not the, product of the year 2020 in the UK.

The postponed Tour de France which is due to start this month, taking place from 29th August – 20th September, and this will certainly inspire even more of us watching from home to invest in a set of two wheels.

With interest only set to increase and plans for higher standards for permanent infrastructure across England for safer cycling, there has never been a better time to get on your bike and invest in a set of two wheels.

Anna Lavfors, consumer expert

Consumer Expert for PriceRunner, Anna Lavfors, shares key things to consider when choosing a ride, to make sure it is a good fit –

“The increased interest in bikes is not that surprising, as riding your bike is a great way to get around town, but also right now feels a lot nicer than sitting crammed on a train or bus.

Biking is not only a means of transportation, it also offers physical activity that works for almost everyone, no matter your age. A low-impact form of exercise, it’s kind to your knees while still making you stronger and fitter. Not only good for you but good for the planet too - reducing noise, traffic pollution and congestion.

Our recommendation is to find the bike that suits your needs best. If it will mainly be for leisurely rides in the park, maybe a cruiser bike is the best fit. For rougher terrain, perhaps a mountain bike is the right choice. No matter age and ability, there is a bike for everyone.

There is a big difference between a bicycle intended for intensive exercise and a model that’s more intended as a means of transport, so you need to think about what functions are important – speed, comfort, a foot brake, mudguards, a luggage carrier, whether it will stand up to year-round cycling, if it has good suspension, how heavy it is, whether you can transport children – there is lots to consider!

Other key things to plan around before making a purchase: Size; how much maintenance it will require; average cost for a quality bike that will last (you can check the price history of all product and sort by rating on PriceRunner).

With the growing interest in bikes, let's hope we'll soon see the same increase in searches for bike helmets.”

For more top tips, visit the PriceRunner guide for buying a new bike.

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