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Brits slash holiday plans to make savings

As lockdown continues to ease, the official start of summer begins on Saturday 20th June, turning our attention to what would normally be the impending holiday season.

For many it is usually an exciting time looking forward to family trips and adventures abroad exploring. However, new research conducted during lockdown has highlighted the effect of Covid-19 on Brits holiday plans, financial outlook and projected summer spending.

In a far cry from 2019, which saw UK residents make 9.4 million visits overseas during the month of August* alone, new research commissioned by PriceRunner has revealed that near to 1 in 2 (43%) have held off booking holidays due to the current crisis and 1 in 5 brits have already cancelled and refunded the trip.

Brits slash holiday plans to make savings

According to the survey on a poll of over 2,000 UK adults, the average planned spend on a holiday this summer was £1,603. Research suggests the financial impact of Covid-19 on households is making Brits overtly conscious on current spending, even with non-essential travel restrictions still in place.

Of those surveyed, half of Brits (50%) expressed a decrease in spending in comparison to this time last year. With economic uncertainty creeping in, 1 in 3 (31%) feel the pressure to save money in the current climate.

Undeniably, uncertainty has been a key phrase for households around the UK over the last few months and this has left many with no planned summer activity (34%).

Brits plans for a staycation

Furthermore, research shows that the public are expecting a considerable travel cost hike once travel restriction are lifted (44%), suggesting that many who have been making saving a priority may be looking for alternative ways to enjoy the summer season, regardless of whether travel abroad is permitted.

The research did however highlight a positive ‘make do’ attitude, in line with the national ‘keep calm and carry on’ spirit. Of those surveyed, 1 in 3 said they plan to spend saved holiday money on their children, and a further 35% plan to indulge their partners. Looking ahead to summer, a quarter (26%) said they plan to create their own holiday at home. 


For those planning to stay put for what is usually the annual get away, Consumer Expert for PriceRunner, Anna Lavfors, shares her top tips to make the most it, whilst continuing to watch the pennies –

Anna Lavfors, consumer expert

“Summer 2020 looks set to be the year of the staycation boom, with many brits already making plans to create their own holiday at home as travel further afield remains an uncertainty.

 As lockdown continues to be loosened, renewed freedoms - such as unlimited time outside - means that for many, simple pleasures come from rediscovering our favourite parks, beaches and natural beauty spots that were previously been prohibited.

 With so many planning staycations and looking to prioritise savings, there are plenty of savvy ways to recreate the holiday feeling without packing a single suitcase, or dipping heavily into would-be holiday funds… 

  • Switch up and switch off: Traditionally, booking a holiday brings with it the sense of excitement to get away from the normal day to day and escape the daily grind, so make sure you use the time off to do just that. The temptation of being at home can be to rush into housework, sorting storage cupboards or sorting life admin. Make sure that, just as you would before a trip away, you plan to do essential jobs before your holiday at home begins so it doesn’t eat into time off. Reading books, having a digital detox, having a lie in, or simply practising the art of relaxing are all key components of a summer holiday, so should not be forgotten just because you are spending the time at home. Changing your routine will help you feel refreshed and ready to return to it once it is time to head back to work.
  • On your doorstep: Exploring new places is one of the reasons travel is so popular, so why not employ the same approach but closer to home. Discovering smaller parks, public footpaths or hidden gems could lead you to find your favourite new spot for family picnics.
  • Happy ‘hobby-days’: Use the time to learn a new skill or hobby, something you have always wanted to do but just never found the time to – now is the perfect occasion! Make sure you do your research to get the best product at the best price by using price comparison sites such as PriceRunner, as this way you will use up less of what you had originally budgeted for on holidays. From watersports, cycling to golf, your new activity could even help you feel fitter and healthier come the end of your break.
  • A garden camp out: Camping is a firm favourite family holiday, as a brilliant way to reconnect with nature and switch off from technology, TVs and gaming consoles. If you have a garden, why not set up the tent in your own backyard. Creating a cosy camping site for a night or two will certainly create some lasting memories, with the added benefit of a kettle and a warm shower just a few steps away.


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Notes to Editors

  • *Source: Overseas Travel & Tourism 2019, Office for National Statistics
  • Survey data - Conducted by Vital Research and the Relations Group for PriceRunner. The research was carried out online between 15th May 2020 and 18th May 2020. The sample comprised 2,015 UK adults. All research conducted adheres to the UK Market Research Society (MRS) code of conduct (2019)

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