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Did savvy shoppers bag the best bargains on Black Friday this year?

Shopping on Black Friday

Black Friday came and went once again. As PriceRunner reflects on the big annual sales event, they found that the day started earlier than ever before this year with 7 out of 10 retailers lowering their prices in the two-month period leading up to Black Friday. PriceRunner reveals where the best bargains could be found, finding out if shoppers were savvy enough to grab the best deals available on Black Friday.

Aiming to found out which products were the most popular during the sale last week, and if those actually were the ones with the biggest discounts, PriceRunner analysed prices on more than 20,000 products available to buy on Black Friday last week to find out.

Diving into the products with the biggest savings, PriceRunner found that savvy shoppers could save on average 12% on the most popular products on sale. Their analysis found that a large number of products were on sale even before Black Friday started.

Even though we saw a lot of products with great prices on Black Friday last week, we were surprised to see that so many retailers had lowered their prices in the two-month period ahead of Black Friday. Presumably, they are trying to cope with the high demand from online shoppers this year due to the pandemic, which has made us all shop online more than ever before.

Retailers are likely trying to spread out deliveries across a longer period of time by extending their sale offers, avoiding delivery chaos and easing the pressure on supply chains. This will be one way for merchants to tackle the many online orders ahead of the Christmas period”, said Christine Gouldthorp, Consumer Expert at PriceRunner.

Looking at different products on sale, vacuum cleaners saw great reductions on Black Friday, where one of the best deals could be made on a Dyson vacuum cleaner; a 33% discount. Looking at popular products on PriceRunners website, searches for vacuum cleaners saw a 742% increase by consumers on Black Friday compared to the day before.

Within categories such as home tech, a number of TV’s made the top list of most discounted products on Black Friday, where Samsung televisions had the largest number of sales on the day. The best discount was 19% on a Samsung 4K Ultra HD set.

“Taking a look at data from our website, televisions searches increased on Black Friday by a massive 515% compared to the day before. Consumer were clearly aware of the many great discounts on the day. We hope they found that new TV they wanted, saving a bit of money and therefore being able to invest consciously in a product that lasts for years to come”, said Christine Gouldthorp.

Mobile phones also topped the list of most popular items to buy on Black Friday last week. Some of the best deals could be found on phones from Samsung and Apple, where a Samsung Galaxy S20 phone was sold at a 32% reduction.  

For our top lists of the products with the biggest discounts on Black Friday 2020, the top trending products on PriceRunners website this year as well as compared to last year, both for Black Friday and Black week, please see the tables below.


The products with the best discounts on Black Friday 2020

Best discounts Black Friday

Most popular Black Friday product categories for Brits this year compared to last year

Shows search increase in % based on number of clicks on PriceRunner’s website, comparing Black Friday 2020 to 2019.

Popular product categories

Most popular product categories on Black Friday compared to first day of Black Week 

Based on number of clicks on PriceRunner’s website between November 23rd to November 27th, 2020.

Black Week products

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