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One in five deals fake on Black Friday

One in five deals are fake todayOne in five deals are fake today

Black Friday is officially here! One of the biggest sales days of the year, where UK shoppers are expected to splurge out roughly £9.2bn on bargains today. Which products have been the most popular so far, where can the best discounts be found today, and where should you watch out for fake deals? 

PriceRunner, one of the UK’s largest price and product comparison services with more than 2.3 million products on their site, has been keeping track of the best bargains, most popular products and where the most fake deals can be found today.

In their large annual Black Friday price analysis, tracking prices of the 1,000 most popular products from the UK’s 50 largest retailers, they found that every fifth discount today is a fake deal.

1 in 5 deals fake on Black Friday

Of all the products in the analysis today, amounting to exactly 22,133 products (since not all are currently in stock), 21.6% of those on sale are so called fake deals. This means that the price has been increased ahead of Black Friday and then lowered, creating the fake impression of a sale.

Between the measurements started in August and up until seven days ago, 13,4% of all products in the analysis have on average increased in price by 19.5%.

After this point, a week ago, 17.3% of all products in the analysis decreased in price by on average 13.2%. This means that there are a lot of sneaky price increases to watch out for today. 

So which deals should you watch out for today?

Looking at the more than 20,000 products in their analysis, a lot of popular Black Friday categories stand out today with fake deals, mainly found in tech, gaming and products for your home: 

Fake deals on Black Friday

Looking at the number of clicks different products recieved on their site, PriceRunner found that the most popular products on Black Friday in the UK so far are:

Most popular product categories

What has been tricky to get hold of?

During the last many months, the e-commerce industry has been hit by several supply chain issues, such as the pandemic, HGV crisis and global shipping crisis. All this of course leading to a number of products being out of stock and harder to get hold of.

PriceRunner found a number of popular product categories that might be extra tricky to get your hands on today due to these ongoing issues (% indicates out of stock levels, as of 26 november):

Out of stock levels

To find the very best deals and discounts on Black Friday today, head over to our deals and discounts page, gathering everything you could possibly need on one simple page. 

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