2021-08-25 14:20Press release

PriceRunner hires communication managers for Sweden and Denmark

PriceRunner communications teamChristine Gouldthorp, Evelina Galli, Katrine Barslev

2020 was a year of impressive growth for the e-commerce industry, where comparison service PriceRunner was able to hire 30 new employees. The company is now expanding their communications team with two new colleagues; Evelina Galli, formerly a journalist at IDG, as well as Katrine Barslev, previously Nordic Marketing & Communications Manager at Mynewsdesk, to lead the company’s communications work in Sweden and Denmark.

Since the acquisition in 2016, PriceRunner’s new Swedish owners have worked tirelessly on updating and improving the company’s service offering, where a complete re-build of the website and creation of a mobile app have been crucial to the company’s success.

Today there are roughly 150 employees at the offices in Stockholm, Sweden, and Nykøbing Falster, Denmark, where some of the newly recruited talent will strengthen the existing communications team.

Evelina Galli is a journalist with a long career at the American media company IDG, International Data Group, where she has worked since 2010 for a number of publications. Her areas of expertise are primarily within technology and consumer products, she can often be found reporting from larger global events such as CES, IFA, E3 and Computex.

Evelina Galli

Her passion lies with gadgets and technology, which she often reports on from different news channels. Evelina will, in her new role as consumer and technology expert, continue to guide consumers in the jungle of consumer tech, as well as lead the strategic and operational communications work in Sweden.

My favourite thing above all is to talk about consumer topics in an inclusive way that as many people as possible will understand. PriceRunner is therefore the perfect place and platform for me to use my skills as a journalist and passion for technology to help guide as many consumers as possible,” said Evelina Galli.

Another new recruit is Katrine Barslev, a former journalist who joins PriceRunner from Mynewsdesk, the brand newsroom and multimedia public relations platform, where she amongst other things was responsible for the company’s marketing and communication in the Nordics.

Katrine Barslev

Katrine has a wealth of experience with both strategical and operational communications at both Mynewsdesk and Viaplay, along with her many years working as a journalist in both Sweden and Denmark. She joins PriceRunner to lead the company’s communications work in the Danish market.

It is incredibly exciting to join a company growing as much as PriceRunner currently is. I look forward to becoming a helping hand in Danish consumers’ everyday lives by guiding them to better and smarter purchasing decisions throughout the whole consumer journey”, said Katrine Barslev.

Evelina and Katrine will both join the communications team with Christine Gouldthorp, who is the responsible for PriceRunners communication in the United Kingdom. Christine has worked in the UK for many years with strategic and tactical communications for different consumer products and global brands.

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About PriceRunner

PriceRunner was founded in 1999 and is the UK’s largest comparison service with 2 million products from 5,400 retailers in 21 different countries, who all deliver to the UK. The company has 150 employees in Stockholm, Sweden and Nykøbing Falster, Denmark. Our services are used more than 2 million times every month by consumers who can compare products, prices, specifications, read professional product tests and consumer reviews of products and retailers. PriceRunner is a completely independent company. We are not owned by any manufacturers and are not dependent on them, retailers or other organisations with an interest in providing biased information. Our goal is to help consumers find the right products to the best prices. Every month, we help millions of consumers find better and cheaper products while saving money by using PriceRunner's services.