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PriceRunner wins “B2C Website of the Year” in UK Digital Growth Awards

PriceRunner winner of B2C Website of the YearPriceRunner winner of B2C Website of the Year

The pandemic has brought unprecedented challenges to consumers needing to buy essential items. Thanks to PriceRunners’ swift and proactive actions, the company has been awarded the title B2C website of the Year in this years’ UK Digital Growth Awards, shortlisted alongside companies such as JD Ecommerce & The Tank Museum.

With social restrictions and other challenges presented to society during the pandemic, PriceRunner identified an opportunity to further increase their relevance to consumers in the UK and make the site increasingly useful to consumers.

The company focused on several key areas to improve website quality and value for anyone using the service, by improving the user experience and sharing highly relevant and useful information for consumers in external channels.

These actions have been recognized by the UK Digital Growth Awards, who has awarded the company the B2C website of the Year award. All entrants in the digital growth awards were judged on personalisation, UX (user experience), conversion optimisation and other key factors that achieve digital growth.  

The award was announced through a digital live-stream by one of the head judges, Richard Keenan-Heard, Head of SEO at Trainline, who praised the company for making use of early learnings swiftly and effectively:

We loved that they used the lessons they learned from the early pandemic to implement logical and useful changes to their site, including changing navigation and adding in stock filtering and alerts. These were crucial components for the online shopper looking for essential items. We found that the overall results were very impressive and this shown through each readable metric. The entry was a clear stand out winner for all of us judges and really remarkable work.

In an effort to help consumers find items such as face masks and sanitary products more easily, PriceRunner implemented changes to their site navigation for greater visibility of these products, allowing consumers to find what they needed at the best possible price.

With essential goods running out of most shops, both online and offline, PriceRunner built new features such as in-stock filtering options and stock-alerts, notifying users when sold-out items were available for purchase again.

Through being proactive during the pandemic and acting on multiple fronts, not only have we managed to grow in terms of raw numbers, but we have also excelled in making ourselves a recognised and unique name in the landscape of comparison-shopping services in the UK e-commerce industry.said Christine Gouldthorp, Consumer Expert at PriceRunner.

Christine Gouldthorp, Consumer Expert at PriceRunner

During the pandemic, PriceRunner has added thousands of products to the site in an effort to help users find what they want at the lowest possible price, while at the same time strengthening their core product offering and value to our users. This was done by for example increasing the number of merchants on the site, with brand names that users recognise and are familiar with.

Other companies nominated for the B2C website of the Year award were:

  • Best Response Media & Temperley – London Magento Commerce Cloud Implementation
  • Digital NRG & Your Interior Design – Your Interior Design
  • JD Ecommerce & The Tank Museum – Tank Museum Shop
  • Swanky & Kent Brushes – Kent Brushes B2C Website

The full list of winners can be found by clicking here.

To read more about PriceRunner and how we continuously work to improve our user experience, please visit PriceRunner.com.

About PriceRunner

PriceRunner was founded in 1999 and is the UK’s largest comparison service with 2 million products from 5,400 retailers in 21 different countries, who all deliver to the UK. The company has 150 employees in Stockholm, Sweden and Nykøbing Falster, Denmark. Our services are used more than 2 million times every month by consumers who can compare products, prices, specifications, read professional product tests and consumer reviews of products and retailers. PriceRunner is a completely independent company. We are not owned by any manufacturers and are not dependent on them, retailers or other organisations with an interest in providing biased information. Our goal is to help consumers find the right products to the best prices. Every month, we help millions of consumers find better and cheaper products while saving money by using PriceRunner's services.