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Savvy spring shopping: Save five hundred pounds on a new electric bike

Electric bikes for springNeed an electric bike for spring? Don't buy it in August

A heatwave will be sizzling across the UK next month. Warmer spring weather boosts interest for summer products like electric bikes, barbeques, pressure washers and garden power tools. PriceRunner’s research of more than 8,000 products shows that you can save hundreds of pounds on popular summer products by buying them at the right time of the year:

  • Save 25% (or £32) on trampolines by buying them in January instead of April
  • Save 24% (or £537) on electric bikes by buying them in March instead of August
  • Save 19% (or £35) on barbeques by buying them in September instead of May
  • Save 16% (or £23) on pressure washers by buying them in December instead of January

PriceRunner analysed more than 8,000 products on their site and looked at the average category price between January - December 2021, to find out when some of the most popular spring products are the very cheapest to buy.

Buy products off season to bag a great bargain

Knowing when, where and how to look when buying a product you need can make a big difference to your wallet. Especially if you want to save a pretty penny on quality products for your home, that essential gadget you need or something you just need to buy:

A lot of summer products are cheapest when the fewest people want them or when retailers want to clear out old stock, so always check a product’s price history before buying. Our analysis showed that you could save more than 500 pounds on an electric bike just by buying it during the cheapest month of the year” said Christine Gouldthorp, Consumer Expert at PriceRunner.

Christine Gouldthorp, Consumer Expert

Best to buy an electric bicycle during spring

According to PriceRunners’ analysis, the best time to buy an electric bicycle is in March, when the category electric bikes is on average 24% cheaper than the most expensive month, August, which means you could save on average £537.

Looking at average prices for the electric bicycle category last year, it’s clear to see that the cheapest prices can be found at the beginning of the year to then increase and reach their peak during the summer months: 

Electric bike prices in 2021

Looking at a few typical summer products such as trampolines, BBQ’s, pressure washers and outdoor furniture, shoppers could save a lot on these if bought during the cheapest month of the year.

Trampolines were on average 25% cheaper in January compared to April, BBQ’s 19% cheaper in September compared to May, and garden power tools reached their cheapest average price in May, 6% cheaper than in December.

PriceRunner analysed some of our most popular summer product categories and found great differences between the cheapest and most expensive months:

Cheapest months to buy spring products

It's easy to get what you need for less, if you know where to look. Buying at the right time of year is a great place to start. Another good pleace to look is PriceRunner's round up of the best deals right now.

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