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The demand for beer & spirits rose by 15% in October

Beer & spirits increased in October

Data shows that demand for beer & spirits increased in October. With the Chancellors new tax on alcohol, now charging on the basis of strength, being smart when buying spirits is even more important in order to get more for your money.

It’s no secret Brits love their booze. The category increased in popularity by 15% between September and October, indicating an increased demand for the category after a few months decline during the summer when restrictions eased.

“2021 was the year of drinking at home. We witnessed a surge in private alcohol purchases like never before. Drinking at home clearly increased when pubs and restaurants were closed, easing up again once restrictions started to lift ” said Christine Gouldthorp, Consumer Expert at PriceRunner.

It is quite clear to see how the pandemic and lockdowns affected our drinking habits over the past year, where the graph below shows how purchases fluctuated over the past 12 months:

Beer & spirits purchases during the pandemic

The graph shows the number of clicks on PriceRunners website out to retailers’ websites between November 2020 to October 2021.

What are the most popular sprits in the UK right now?

PriceRunner, one of the UK’s largest comparison sites, currently compares more than 2.2 million products from over 5,900 retailers, where Beer & Spirits is one of the most popular categories of all. 

The top 20 list in October is topped by a wide variety of spirits, where the most impressive growth came from Midori Melon Liqueur 20%, increasing in popularity by 863%.

Why, you might guess, and so did we. After some quick googling, we found that this fruit liqueur with a festive lime green colour and taste of melon is a popular mixer in Halloween cocktails.

Taking a look at all the most popular spirits in the UK right now, PriceRunner compared a list showing the most popular alcohol and their growth compared to the previous month:

Most popular spirits in October

Popularity is measured in the number of clicks on a specific product on PriceRunner’s website out to a retailer website, comparing September to October 2021.  

What are the best deals on popular booze right now?

There are plenty of great deals to be made on different alcohol and spirits, even if they aren’t advertised as discounted. The trick is to compare the price between different retailers to see if you can make some savings.

PriceRunner analysed the prices of a few popular spirits in the UK today, if they were all bought at their cheapest price, a total saving of £274 could have been made, just by comparing prices before you buy.

 “Just like with tech products or other consumer goods, you might think that a bottle of booze costs the same everywhere, but actually, you can save hundreds of pounds just by comparing prices before you buy. Not all shops sell products for the recommended retail price, they price their alcohol independently, sometimes costing more than the RRP.” said Christine Gouldthorp.

Best deals on alcohol right now

The price data was gathered from PriceRunner.com on 28.10.2021

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