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What did Brits actually want for Christmas this year?

What's in your stocking?What's in your stocking?

About a month ago, we learned that the gifts topping Brits Christmas lists this yere were things to use with our newfound freedom: money, clothes and an experience. Or so we thought. But as we get closer to Christmas, new data from PriceRunner shows what Brits actually wanted from Santa this year.

In honour of our newfound freedom and after too many months in lockdown, a survey from YouGov of more than 2,000 Brits found that the most popular Christmas present this year was a gift card or money, closely followed by clothes, and in third place an experience.

The same survey also showed that 28% of Brits planned to start buying their Christmas presents earlier online this year, due to the massive logistics issues caused by the HGV crisis. 32% of respondents said they had experiences problems when buying the products they need during the last few months. 

But as we get closer to Christmas, have our gift preferences changed? 

When looking at what the most popular Christmas presents could be right now, PriceRunner analysed the most popular products and categories since the 1st of December until the 8th, finding that the most popular products have changed: 

Survey results VS data

The pandemic forced a move to online shopping

The e-commerce industry has seen an impressive boost in demand over the past few years, with an increased number of shoppers in the UK going online to purchase their Christmas presents.

The graph below illustrates how in 2019 only 17% said they shopped online for their Christmas gifts, then in 2021 that number had risen to 24%, according to two surveys carried out by YouGov on behalf of PriceRunner.

Taking the exceptional year of 2021 out of the picture, an impressive year for online shopping in terms of sales as we were forced to shop online as non-essential retail was closed, there is a clear rise in online shoppers in the UK.

Online shopping going up

Where can I find the best value Christmas gifts?

This time of year can be hectic, if like many you're too busy to plan ahead, or maybe a last-minute shopper, don't worry. Take the stress out of Christmas shopping and browse our comprehensive Christmas gift guide. Just make sure the gifts you want are in stock and will be delivered in time for Christmas. 

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